celtic harp orchestra

Celtic Harp Orchestra,


Concert program

Formation of twelve musicians

-the Elphin Knight
-for your storms
-stars shine in the dark
-how to ride a dragon
-feeling good
-summer time
-suite Sideral
-valzer for Charlotte
-amore e psiche


Evening program:

6:00 pm: Departure from Barbarano port

6:00 pm: Departure from Portese port

6:15 pm: arrival on Isola del Garda and guided tour

7.30 pm: aperitif 

8:00 pm: concert begins 

9.30 pm: concert ends, return to above mentioned ports 


Ticket prices: € 48 - includes: boat transfer to and from the island, guided tour, aperitif and concert. Children € 25 (5 -12 years of age). 

Booking necessary: info@isoladelgarda.com

cell: 328 384 9226 / 328 612 6943