Vademecum COVID-19




Fornella S.r.l. has prepared an internal protocol that complies with the guidelines for the adoption of anti-contagion safety protocols, i.e. the regulation for the contrast and containment of the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace. Covid-19 represents a generic biological risk, for which equal measures must be taken for the whole population.

This document contains the measures that have been adopted in compliance with the Dpcm 24 April 2020 and the subsequent ordinances and indications issued by the competent authorities for work with the public in the context of Isola del Garda. These guidelines are aimed at preventing and protecting employees and guests from contagion.


Fornella S.r.l. has set up access routes and waiting stations so that customers do not find themselves in crowded situations. The provisions are evidently displayed through clearly visible and intuitive signs. The following are the measures taken:

● The services Isola del Garda provides already operate on a pre-booking basis. In addition to the logistical reasons, this permits a tighter control over the number of entries.  Payment by card / debit card is preferable; as far as possible, paper documentation will be eliminated.

● Masks are compulsory. Guests will already be equipped with one upon arrival on the island, as they are obligatory for the boat transport too. In case they do not have one, the company can make masks available for guests.

● Hand sanitizer gel dispensers have been distributed at various points for guests and staff.

● All guests and suppliers will have their temperature taken in order to protect operating personnel.

● The employee at the ticket office is able to guarantee their own safety and that of others thanks to the use of a suitable visor.

● The signs used are written in three languages, and are clear and understandable.

● WASTE: A container has been prepared solely and exclusively for the deposal of used masks and gloves, in order to keep this waste separate from the others.

● There are toilets for customers. The internal staff will sanitize as required. In addition, a sanitizing spray for guests is available inside the toilets.

● Given the need to limit the number of entries, the tours will be carried out in small groups of people always accompanied by expert personnel.

● It is recommended to keep a safe distance of at least 1 meter between one person and another.


We kindly ask you to respect the above measures in order for staff to be able to guarantee safe conditions for customers, suppliers and workers (maintenance, cleaning, sanitization).

Thank you for your collaboration

The Management

La Direzione