Wooden sculptures by Gianluigi Zambelli

The guardians of Isola del Garda

Wooden sculptures by Gianluigi Zambelli

The woodland of Isola del Garda appears to be alive with mysterious half human, half mythological beings, who draw substance from their environment and blend into their surroundings, with which they exist in perfect symbiosis. These “guardians of the garden”, in the form of wooden sculptures, express the love the owners of Isola del Garda harbour for this enchanting oasis, in which culture and nature are so harmoniously intertwined.

The designer and creator of the sculptures is the original and esteemed artist, Gianluigi Zambelli. These works represent the pinnacle of his poetic and symbolic woodwork productions. The dragonfly emerging from the water of one of the garden’s bays embodies the maturity and supreme, although fleeting, beauty of every creature. It refers to the women of the island who, throughout its history, have dedicated their lives to its safeguarding and valorisation. In particular, to Alberta, who today continues the work of her forbearers. Not far away, life continues its cycle and, under the shadow of a large soft leaf, appears an adolescent seated at the end of a bench. He calmly but anxiously awaits the opening of a chrysalis in front of him, which already shows the delicate features of a young girl. They are Alberta’s two children, also inhabitants of the magic garden.

Indeed, Gianluigi Zambelli’s fairy-tale creations populate the whole island, including the neo-gothic Venetian villa. Sometimes they depict plants, at times fantastical characters, which hark back to medieval bestiaries, or maybe more so to the mythical forest creatures of Arcadia: fauns, nymphs, satyrs and sprites. These all exist in perfect and idyllic union both with their natural environment – the sparkling waters, the earth, the grass, the light and scented air, the tall, grand trees with roots emerging from the waters, the dense undergrowth -  and with the rational part, created by the topiaries of the Italian gardens.

Walking through the allows you to get lost in an enchanted atmosphere, be surprised by every chance meeting, and enter the fairy tale that is Isola del Garda.