The Borghese Cavazza Family has been olive farming on the western shores of lake Garda since the late 19th century. The Farm occupies most of the “San Fermo” promontory and part of the largest island on the lake, Isola del Garda  that is also the family’s home since 1903. The farm covers a total surface of 70 hectars of morainic origin land directly on the lakeside, 17 hectars are covered by highly specialized olive plantations.  All our olive trees are registered  for D.O.P. (Protected Origin Denomination) in the Garda region.
The “Azienda agricola Borghese Cavazza “ extra virgin DOP Garda olive oil is produced exclusively  with olives grown and harvested on the farm mainly from “Casaliva”, “Leccino” and “Pendolino” cultivars with the addition of minor quantities of olives from local traditional varieties such as “Maurino”, “Gargnà”,” Moraiolo” and “Baia”(a particular native variety discovered on the farm with extremely low acidic values and an ideal quantity of peroxides). 


The scent of Isola del Garda


Our extra vergin olive oil


The book by Alberta Cavazza
Available on the island in English, Italian and German
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