Cavazza Family


We are three sisters and four brothers, and since 2001 we have opened the island to guided tours and events with the aim of sharing our unique heritage, still unknown to many.

Thanks to those who visit the island or choose the island to hold a special event here, it is possible to carry out important restoration works on the property and make improvements to the centuries-old park.


Space and time, the two dimensions that shape all our life experiences, take on an extraordinary significance on Isola del Garda.
The perspective views created by the hanging gardens that wind around the villa, together with the elegant alternation of trees and buildings reflected in the crystal clear waters of the lake, mould the perception of space in a surprising way. As a result, visitors feel as though they are entering another world, different to terra firma, which however near seems to be extremely remote.
Those who have loved and cherished this paradise have left their mark, penetrating into the very heart of this land. An air of magic fills every corner and whispers among the branches of the trees, lulled by the wind. Time is perceived as an elusive veil, barely separating us from our predecessors.
Even as a young girl, one of those seven children who, free as elves, could embark on their fantastic adventures in the woods on the Island, I always knew that here I could find joy in solitude, while still playing hide-and-seek with space and time, discovering new faces of the island I have always called home. 

This place is part of me; it has led me down a different path of life and represents much of who I am today. Though I know it as well as my own soul, it never ceases to amaze and enchant me. I love the scent that inebriates me when I open the window every morning.  I love its inhabitants, above all the magnificent cypress trees which appear to wave at me when the wind shakes their treetops. I love the moon that at night is mirrored in the motionless lake, and I love the fog that sometimes hides the distant shores giving me the illusion of being in the midst of an immeasurable ocean.

I often try to wake myself from this dream and joyfully discover that it is a reality.




Excerpt from the book "The Enchanted Island" by Alberta Cavazza. Available for sale on the island.