Isola del Garda has been a haven for spirituality for centuries. In the 13th century, in fact, the Franciscan Friars founded their hermitage there, and it became a place of meditation and prayer up to the 18th century.

We offer you the exclusive opportunity to practice yoga immersed in the splendid setting of the island, surrounded by exotic plants and the lake that is lost on the horizon. Start the day with this unforgettable experience; fill your heart and spirit with beauty.

Dates: 19th June, 3rd July, 20th August (there may be other dates added) 

Cost: € 32 per person, which includes the boat from San Felice del Benaco, the tour and yoga lesson (1 hour)




After the success of last year, in collaboration with the association "MarSEC" acronym of Marana Space Explorer Center ", we repeat the evenings in which you can experience the magic offered by Isola del Garda to discover the sky and astronomy.

The experience is in Italian language only. 

Dates: 10th-13th + 15th August 2021 

Price: €32 per person (with boat from San Felice, tour and astronomy experience)




Experience the best that this area of Valtenesi and the island has to offer; breathtaking landscapes, a rich history, exquisite food and good wine. Our show cooking event will first be a real feast for the eyes, then for the palate. Our expert chef, Carla, will create a delicious traditional dish with local products, accompanied by local wine.

Dates: 8th and 22nd May /11th, 23rd and 30th June / 7th and 14th July - more dates will be added for the end of summer. 

Cost: €45 per person, with boat from San Felice, tour of the island, aperitif and Show Cooking (plate of homemade pasta) 




The proposed journey is designed to allow you to experience, in a magical location, a unique and vibrational moment of deep connection with the elements of nature and your ancestral resonance, recovering our authentic and innate healing power of men and women. Medicine as well as rediscovering the great strength of our power animal through the SHAMANIC JOURNEY guided to the rhythm of the sacred drum.

Date: 25th June (air), 30th July (air), 7th September (earth), 10th October (fire)

Cost: €45 per person, including the boat from San Felice 




A sensory vibrational journey in search of the harmony and well-being of one's person, all in the splendid setting of the Island. It is a very deep sound massage that generates well-being and positivity.

In Italian language only. 

Dates: 5th June, 11th July, 5th September 

Cost: € 45 per person, including the boat from San Felice del Benaco

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