the park of Isola del Garda appears animated by mysterious presences, creatures halfway between the human and the mythological, in deep symbiosis with the natural environment from which they draw material and in which they camouflage themselves.

These are the "guardians of the island" who, under the guise of wooden sculptures, express the love of the owners of Isola del Garda for this enchanting oasis, where nature and culture blend so harmoniously.

Creator and author of the sculptures is the original and renowned Valsabbino artist Gianluigi Zambelli, who reaches the pinnacle of his poetic and symbolic production in the art of wooen sculture with these works. The dragonfly emerging from the stretch of water created in a bend in the garden represents the full maturity and maximum, albeit ephemeral, beauty of every creature: it refers to the passion of the women who lived on the island, who dedicated their lives to it. In particular, to Alberta, who today continues the work of her ancestors.

A short distance away, life continues its cycle, and here appears, in the shadow of an immense and soft leaf, a teenager sitting at the end of a bench, serene and anxious waiting for the chrysalis to open completely in front of him. which already shows a very delicate girl's face: they are the two young children of Alberta, also exciting inhabitants of the magical garden.

In fact, the whole island, including the large neo-Gothic villa, is populated by the fabulous wooden creations of Gianluigi Zambelli, now plant elements, now fantastic characters, which refer to the ancient medieval bestiaries and perhaps even more to the mythological inhabitants of the Arcadia forests. : fauns, nymphs, satyrs, sprites, in perfect and idyllic fusion both with the spontaneous environment - the sparkling water, the earth and the sand, the light and fragrant air, the large trees with roots sunk in the water, the dense undergrowth - both with the rational part, created by topiary art in Italian gardens.

Walking in the park means abandoning yourself to an enchanted atmosphere, letting yourself be surprised at every sudden encounter, entering the fairy tale of the Garda Island.

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